Thursday, October 30, 2014

New Impressionist Photo: "Fall Four Ward"

This new image is an impressionist composition of mine entitled "Fall Four Ward"... this is a composite of two images and I created this image to compliment the green aspen, "Moody" series of images of mine created the same way. "Moody Three" in that series is currently on display at the San Diego Natural History Museum:

Anyway, this new fall scene composition, "Fall Four Ward" is actually a composite of two images taken back-to-back. A pan-head tripod mount is need for this technique. The first image is shot at f/8 and is as sharp in focus as I can get the camera to go; the second image begins at the same identical framed scene, but it is blurred by panning the camera upward (with moderate consistent speed) directly along the y-axis enough to cover the entire scene.

Next, the two images are layered together in a Adobe Photoshop document with the blurred layer on top with a layer mask. Using the dark brush, I bring through visible only the sharp points of the image that I want from the bottom layer. In the case with this image, only the four trees in the foreground were brought through...

This same effect can be achieved with some success by using the motion blur filter in Photoshop, but the problem with that is the entire program is linear and will not adjust for curves. Whereas my in-camera method will blur over curved shapes very nicely.

This composition was captured about two weeks ago during my trip to Portland. I drove out about three hours east  of Portland to a massive poplar tree farm near Boardman, Oregon and was able to catch a few nice shots.

The image title is another play-on-words around the term "Fall Forward" which is often wrongly confused as the saying for what we do with our clocks in the fall when practicing daylight savings time (we "Fall Back" of course). Anyway, is is an image of fall trees, four of them in clear focus, all forward in the foreground, all in a big ward of trees.

Camera settings: ISO-1250, 64mm at f/8 for 1/25th sec with both images taken back-to-back about 10 mins before the sunset under a canopy of orange glowing poplar back-lit by the setting sun

I hope you enjoy this unique photograph of mine.

D. "Bodhi"

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