Friday, March 27, 2015

"Idiosyncre Sea" an image by D. "Bodhi" Smith

The image is named "Idiosyncre Sea"... and just a heads up: I am off to the south island of New Zealand tonight for the next 10 days! This is an exciting trip for me, and I am very hopeful to bring back some stellar impressions from the other side of the world. So, it will be a while before I am able to release any new images (unless while I am there I manage to edit something special)...

In the meantime, I though I would re-post this photo image which is actually composed of a very rare sea formation whose only other match is located in South New Zealand (Moeraki Boulders)--and that is a scene I truly hope to capture and have both of these locations represented in my library of images.

The image is named "Idiosyncre Sea" and was taken at the end of December in 2013 during a trip up the Northern California and Oregon coastlines. This place is south of Mendocino on the N.Cali coast in a location known as Schooner Bay--it has the nickname of "Bowling Ball Beach" to photogs and travelers alike. It is a must see for anyone who is driving the US101 from Point Reyes to Fort Bragg (or vise-versa).

Camera Settings: ISO-100, 18mm at f/8 for 260 seconds (4 mins, 20 secs) using 15 stops of Lee ND Proglass filters (3.0ND, .9ND, .6ND) and one Lee resin .75ND Soft Grad filter to brings down the sky an additional 2.5 stops over the rest of the composition.This image was captured at mid-tide shortly before sunset as a wedge-shaped cloud formed over the beach to the south.

I hope this image and composition find you well.


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