Monday, February 9, 2015

Latest Image, "Repose" by D. "Bodhi" Smith

Here is my latest composition entitled, "Repose" This image was captured a few weeks ago on January 18 during another one of our gorgeous California sunsets over the Pacific Ocean at the Huntington Beach Pier.

This is another extremely long exposure of over 11 minutes so that I could minimize all of the people who were roaming about on the pier and directly in front of me in the water enjoying the same sunset that I was...on this night, with this radiant sunset, there were ALLOT of people, so I need the extra exposure time to "erase" them from the composition.

The name come for the fact that the word "repose' has multiple meanings, each of which fits well for me with this image. Until this image, I had not captured a color image of the Huntington beach pier which even remotely overly thrilled me until this one, so this is another "reposing" of the pier before me. It also lives up a couple other meanings of repose--laying in tranquility or sleep, and situated in a particular place...this pier is "going to sleep" for the night as people leave after the sun went, it is a staple of Southern California culture and an icon in movies, music videos, album covers, pictures, and vacations.

Anyway, I hope this message and image finds you well.

Camera settings: ISO-100, 24mm at f/8 for 677 seconds (11mins, 11secs) about 15 minutes after the sun had set using one Lee Proglass .9ND Filter (3 stops) and one Lee .75ND Grad filter (2.5 stops) to balance the sky with the darker sand in the foreground.


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